Course Material

January 8 ppt: Introductions/Course Syllabus

January 10 ppt: Communication as Culture

January 15 ppt: Critical Making

January 15 Group Presentation (Prezi): The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence 

January 17 ppt: Encoding/Decoding

January 17 word doc: Class Summary of Encoding/Decoding

January 22 ppt: Cinema & the Gaze

January 22 Group Presentation (ppt): Visual Pleasure & Narrative Cinema

January 24 ppt: Media & Colonialism

January 24 word doc: Key Words in Media & Colonialism (Pocahontas article)

January 29 ppt (including SAMPLE FINAL PROJECT PROPOSAL): Playing with Ourselves

February 5 ppt: Surveillance Society

February 5 word doc: Class Summary of Andrejevic & Critical Reading of Google Privacy Policy

February 7 ppt: Big Data

February 12 ppt: Political Economy of Media: Key Concepts

February 14 ppt: Working for Play

February 19 ppt: Global Haves & Have Nots

February 19 Prezi: Gold Farming

February 19 Group Presentation Prezi: FoxConn Suicides

February 21: Political Economy of Facebook Privacy

February 26: Midterm Prep

March 12: Ownership and Appropriation

March 19 ppt: Owning Play

March 21 ppt: Journalism and the Military

March 26 Prezi: Games, War & Moral Panic

April 4 Prezi: Misogyny, Racism & Homophobia Online

April 4 Group Work: Strategies for Confronting Online Harassment

April 9 ppt: Online Identity A to Z

April 18 ppt: Hacktivism, Anonymous & 4chan

April 18 Group Work: Anonymous Activity

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